Stamp of Approval & Links Disclaimer reviews & recommends ecommerce websites, blogs, clubs, & organizations that are a resource for families with twins & multiples.  Our stamp of approval is to be used only as a guide. Our recommendations should never take the place of your own judgment and research.  We do not assume any liability for your interactions that may occur with our Links or Stamp of Approval sites. is only a resource and is not responsible for the content on the sites listed in our Links or Stamp of Approval listing.  

Please report any dishonest, vulgar or pornographic site to Twin Multiples Club:  Once a site is reported, we will investigate and determine if the site is inappropriate.  If the website is found to be sharing dishonest information or is inappropriate it will be removed from ALL listings immediately.  If the website being removed is a paid advertiser, they will be notified promptly.  They will have 24 hours comply with requested changes or they will be removed from our website and forfeit their right to any refund, unless otherwise determined.  Thank You for your understanding.

Photo Submission Disclaimer:  Your Child's photo may appear on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and other forms of media to promote Twin Multiples Club. We will also include your PHOTOS in our Photo Album on Facebook for the Month it is Submitted or in our Blooper & Funny Face Album on Facebook.  We will not disclose the name or age of your children (unless otherwise agreed) and all correspondence between parents/guardians & TWMPC including such information will remain confidential.  If you wish you may TAG your PHOTOS in our Facebook Albums, we will leave this option to your discretion.  If you wish to have your photo(s) removed please email your detailed request to, SUBJECT: REMOVE MY PHOTO(S).  TWMPC will remove the photo(s) as quickly as possible.  We may need, as much as, two weeks to remove all photos.  NOTE:  Any professional photographs entered that do not have parental consent will be removed. HOW TO REPORT A PHOTO:  Please report any false or dishonest photo submissions to Twin Multiples Club immediately.  Please email us at, SUBJECT: REPORT A PHOTO. Once a photo is reported, we will investigate the original photo submission.  If the photo is found to be a false or a dishonest submission, TWMPC will remove the photo as quickly as possible.  We may need, as much as, two weeks to remove all photos.  Thank You for your understanding.

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