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Congratulations, we are proud to inform you your site has be Awarded the TWMPC Stamp of Approval!  You have agreed to to display a Stamp of Approval image that links back to www.TwinMultiplesClub.com on the URL page you submitted in your application. 

IMPORTANT: Once the Stamp has been placed on your website please email us a link to its location along with your website's logo (or a *photo to represent your website), Facebook link, & Twitter Link so we can add it to our list of APPROVED SITES

Top of the list is based on a First-Come First-Serve.  We reserve the right to arrange the list differently, as the program grows and as we continue to advance our website.  Once your link is added to TWMPC's website we will announce your Stamp of Approval Award on Facebook & Twitter.  Get Started by choosing from the stamps below.  Copy & paste the html code on your webpage.  (Note: You may NOT alter the HTML code provided. NOTE: If you need a custom size please contact us.)

*PHOTO LOGO: You must submit a high quality photo & a statement of permission:
1. That you are the legal guardian of the children in the photo
2. You are the owner of the photograph.
3. Give Twin Multiples Club permission to use this photo for www.TwinMultiplesClub.com.

If you landed on this page accidentally
*Images and content are never to be displayed or copied without our permission.
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